Appalachian Artifacts & Lore

“I just plain hated the idea of that object being hauled to Terre Haute or Dayton and made into a table completely removed from the context of the region, and from the people who made it and used it.”

John Rice Irwin

Thus spoke John Rice Irwin, retelling one story of why he built the Museum of Appalachia. Irwin lived the turbulent history of Southern Appalachia in the 20th Century and devoted his will and his fortune to preserving the implements and customs of Appalachian life.

The Museum of Appalachia is a living history museum — a pioneer mountain farm-village that lends voice to the people of Southern Appalachia through the artifacts and stories they left behind.

MOA Sign

Roam the 65 picturesque acres and experience a recreated Appalachian community complete with: 35 log cabins, barns, farm animals, churches, schools, and gardens. Over 250,000 artifacts are displayed in 3 buildings, with vast collections of folk art, musical instruments, baskets, quilts, Native American artifacts, and more.

We will have lunch as a group and be treated to live musical entertainment before moving on to our next stop. You’ll have a chance to visit the store, too.

TOUR 1803
Museum of Appalachia, Clinton, Tennessee


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