Great Eats – On Ole Rocky Top …

It’s part of a busy day, so we’ll try to murder more than one avian with the rocks we have when we reach Rocky Top.


We tried to get the University of Tennessee Pride of the Southland Marching Band to entertain you with their stirring rendition of Felice and Boudleaux Bryant’s classic ballad, but, alas, we couldn’t pull it off. Maybe we’ll do a sing-along?

Your guide wants you to try the best on every tour, so we’ll both eat lunch and visit the Coal Creek Miners Museum. We’re recommending that half the group eats while the other half visits the museum next door. Then we’ll switch before reboarding our motor coach for the continuation of our trip.

Hey! It’s a barbecue joint. It’s far from fancy. But anyone who has visited this relatively new addition to the area’s culinary attractions comes back again and again.

From “burnt ends” to ribs, from cornbread to banana pudding, this is a restaurant you will want to visit again. We’ll be using the voucher system here, again, giving you the flexibility to choose from the menu, so you’ve already paid for a pretty good meal. You can always spend your own money if you want more or if you want to buy souvenirs or gifts.

When we can, our tours will stop here, if only for samples. When we’re lucky, we’ll be able to sample on the way through and dine on the way home.

If you like brisket or pulled pork, bellies or fried bologna, this is your secret place. Country-style vegetables and frequent specialties make a meal of your visit.


Coal Creek was the original name of this town. They changed it “Lake City” after some “bad publicity” that you’ll learn about here. Only in this century, after no little bit of controversy, the town succeeded in securing the name of Rocky Top. For some of us, that curious history is reason enough to stop here.

TOUR #1803
Coal Creek Smokehouse, Rocky Top, Tennessee


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