Wabash and Erie Canal Park

The canal that came to be called the Wabash and Erie Canal was created by a federal land grant and approved by Indiana’s legislature in 1827, with long-lasting consequences. It connected the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, at least so long as it operated. It spanned 497 miles of waterway from Toledo, Ohio to Evansville, Indiana on the Ohio River, passing through Fort Wayne and Lafayette, Indiana.

Working facsimile of the kind of boat that traversed the Wabash and Erie Canal in the 19th Century.

Today, the only “operating” section of the canal is in Delphi, Indiana, about 30 miles east of Lafayette. Our visit will include tours of historic buildings and a 40-minute ride on a working canal boat (seasonal). If you don’t choose to board the boat, you may walk along the towpath at your leisure.

This site where Pioneer Village lays was owned by Reed Case, a contractor for canal. At one time, the site was home to two brick kilns, which were responsible for firing brick for many of the buildings in downtown Delphi. Seven other buildings make up the village. You may view them on your own, but a guided tour is part of your tour package.

TOUR #1802
Wabash and Erie Canal, Delphi, Indiana

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