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Why Community is Overrated

After a long trip, it takes a little time to decompress and to find the inspiration to post here. Actually writing helps to unclog the pipes, so to speak. New readers will not be aware that I’ve operated a small, independent bookstore for the… Continue Reading “Why Community is Overrated”

Our Florida Grand Tour: A tagged map

Every tag and every category and every map tag has a story. But today, we’re just sharing a web-based map we created using the tools at It’s not perfect, but it’s useful. Here’s a tagged map of our 2017 tour of Gulf Coast… Continue Reading “Our Florida Grand Tour: A tagged map”


Here at Take Life on the Road® we can’t travel all the time. But we can share adventures we discover, even if we’ve never actually visited the places where these stories come from. This story from Atlas Obscura, one of our favorite websites, evokes a… Continue Reading “Öndvegissúlur”

Our Story

Take Life on the Road® is not only our name … it’s our credo. You may know us for our bookstore in New Albany, Indiana since 2004. But did you know that the city went without a full-service general new books store from 1947… Continue Reading “Our Story”

A Town Built in a Crater

Situated in downtown Middlesboro, a town of about 10,000 people with its own interesting history. Built entirely in the basin of a giant meteor crater, it lies 1 mile west of the Cumberland Gap and sits directly between the Appalachians and the Cumberland Mountains.… Continue Reading “A Town Built in a Crater”