Ridge and Valley

We’ll divert from our direct path for a brief stop here, mainly to add to the scenic beauty of our tour. We’ll see O.T. Smith Athletic Field and learn a bit about sports history in East Tennessee. We’ll learn more about the relocation of an entire community to make way for another TVA power plant that features one of the world’s tallest stacks.

Melton Hill Lake Rowing

Next, we’ll pass into the “Secret City” of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and see the Melton Lake Rowing Venue. Surrounded by the mountain ridges that give Oak Ridge her name, there are more than 30 miles of well-sheltered and calm water.

Time permitting, we’ll stay on the motor coach for a short architectural/historical tour of Oak Ridge, a city planned by the War Department to support the plants that built our first atomic bomb. About 90 percent of the pre-fabricated homes built during the war are still in use. No modifications were allowed until the houses were sold after the war. During the war, access to and travel from the city was strictly limited and the city was gated and heavily secured. It wasn’t until 1949 that the city was open to visits by the public.

Oak Ridge is our final destination of the day. You will be on your own for dinner unless you’ve reserved the Evening Group Option (EGO®). Many restaurants are within walking distance.


TOUR 1803
Claxton and Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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