Testing Out the “Best BBQ”

Take Life on the Road is proud to include great food stops on all our tours. But not all meals are included in your tour package pricing in order to accommodate wide variations in tastes, appetites, and budgets.


Although you’ll be on your own and at your own expense for dinner on Saturday, October 6, 2018, we are recommending and providing transportation to D&R, which is located near to our hotel for the evening. We’ll go to dinner first, but anyone who wishes to will be transported to the hotel and can make their own choices for what, when, and where to eat.

There are dozens of restaurants near the hotel, ranging from fast food just outside the door to a Mongolian grill about a mile away. You are free to walk or call for your own transportation to any restaurant – or to order in – but please stay safe. Your guide will remain with the main group.

D&R is a specialty market with a butcher shop, seafood section, deli, grocery, and extensive wine and beer sections. As an outgrowth of the market, they also offer what many call Lafayette’s finest barbecue. We’ve arranged for table service where you can order from the menu. Barbecued brisket, smoked or broasted chicken, pulled pork, spare ribs, and pork chops are entrees and there’s an alluring selection of sides ranging from Cucumber Salad to Loaded Baked Potato Salad, country vegetables, and beers and soft drinks.

What started as a simple idea by brothers Dave & Ron Shumaker has grown to meet the needs of the community since 1952. With the first store opening in Logansport, Indiana, Dave started driving to Lafayette with fresh produce. As it caught on, meat was added and D&R Market opened as a permanent fixture in 1984.

Patrick Johnson worked for Dave & Ron for 23 years. By the middle of 2006, Patrick went from employee to owner. Patrick’s passion for great quality and service comes from all those years of experience. Growing up in Oxford, Indiana, Patrick attended Purdue University. He recalls a professor telling him in college that the average person has 7 different careers throughout their life, but that just didn’t sit well with him. He was already working in a grocery store and knew this was the right fit for him. While he has had several jobs at a grocery store, it is his one and only career.

You should have time for a bit of shopping in the market, if you like, before we check-in to our hotel for the night. Sunday morning is, by design, a late start, so you can sleep in and still have breakfast in the hotel. We won’t leave until 9:50 a.m. on Sunday morning.

TOUR #1802
The D&R Market, BBQ, and Catering, Lafayette, Indiana

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